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4 Fun Activities do with your dog in San Diego

One of the best cities to visit or even to live in throughout all of California is the city of San Diego. San Diego has a lot to offer for both people and their multi-legged canine friends and there are many things there for people and their dogs to enjoy together. Here are a couple of different activities for you to check out if you happen to be in San Diego with your dog.

Bailey-Michelle-dog-grooming-Carmel-Valley-92130Activity #1: Go to the Park

Wherever you are, the park is usually a good bet for finding something to do with your dog as it provides you with somewhere to go hang out and play together with a beloved pet and San Diego has a lot of options for which park to go with your dog. Some of the best options for parks to take your dog for a walk in include places like Balboa Park, Sunset Cliffs Park, Nate’s Point and Canine Corners, just to name a few. This is just a small sample of the number of places to take your dog if you need somewhere to take them for a walk in San Diego.

Activity #2: Visiting the Beach

With some of the most dog-friendly beaches in California, one of the most ideal choices for activities to do with your dog friend is a visit to the beach. Many dog owners love being able to play fetch and just hanging out with their dog on the various beaches as well as swimming and playing fetch with their favorite dog friend.

Activity #3: Go on a boat ride

If you happen to have one of those dogs that aren’t so fond of swimming or walks on the beach then one alternative for activities to do with them is to instead go for a ride on a boat. There are a significant number of places in San Diego where you can rent a boat for a day or so to ride around the city by boat with your furry friend along for the ride. Or, if you prefer more of a workout for your boat ride then you can always get a canoe or kayak ride rather than a traditional boat for your waterway trip with your furry friend.

Activity #4: Take your dog out to eat with you

PugLove-dog-grooming-92130-Carmel-ValleyIf you feel like eating out then perhaps you should consider taking your dog with you. There are quite a few restaurants that welcome dogs and you can always take your dog with you to one of them and have both your meal and your dog’s company at the same time, provided you go to one of the restaurants that allow pets on their premises. Depending on where you end up going, some of the best options for a night out with your dog may even offer you the opportunity to get your dog a meal out rather than just having to watch you eat.

This variety of different options for time out with your dog gives you an extensive collection of choices of what to do and where to go if you want to hang out with your dog in San Diego and don’t want to just take a stroll down the road every day. This list should offer you a much greater degree of flexibility and choices in terms of what to do and where to go for your various dog-related activities while you’re in San Diego with your four-legged friend.

If you need more awesome tips on things to do and places to go with your four-legged friends while you’re in San Diego, contact us to get more tips and suggestions.

Cat Grooming: Can I Get My Cat to Like Baths?

Many cats love water. They like to sit in bathroom sinks, certainly, and many are fascinated with running water. Some cats like to hang out in bathtubs, especially in warmer weather. They may perch on the bathtub, demanding a pet or an ear rub before they will let you enter.

But many cats don’t like baths. The reasons vary. Some have simply never been bathed, and the unfamiliar process — and the being confined, even by hands as loving as yours — doesn’t feel right. Others are frightened of the water, or of a closed bathroom door, or the sound of hair dryers, which they may associate with being bathed (or the sound of water).

Simon-cat-grooming-Carmel-Valley-92130Some may not have been bathed in the right way previously. It is very important to get all soap off a bathed cat, for example, or it will itch and might cause irritation.

But occasionally, cats may need to be bathed. Cats are naturally very clean animals, who spend part of every day — sometimes a large part — cleaning themselves. But even cats can’t do every job. If they are getting older, they might find reaching every part of themselves difficult to impossible. If they are overweight, ditto.

If you have recently adopted a cat or taken in a stray, they may have fleas. For kittens, the most effective removal method is a bath with mild baby shampoo and picking off the fleas.

Even fastidious cats occasionally get something on them that they can’t get off. If that’s the case, they need to be bathed.

So how can you get your cats to like baths? Here are some tips.

1. Start them young, if possible

Cats that have been bathed as kittens tend to be okay with it. Kittens can be bathed in a bathroom sink, using warm running water and cat shampoo.

2. Stay calm

No matter what happens, stay calm! The calmer you are, the calmer your cat will be able to be. Speak in a soothing voice. Tell them the benefits of a bath — they love to be sittin’ clean and pretty! (They’ll get the gist.)

3. Do It the Right Way

The right way to bath a cat is quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly, with all the necessary items on hand. Never leave your cat waiting while you go look for the right kind of soap or a towel! Respect their needs for warmth and security.

Place a towel in the bottom so they get firm footing. If your cat has been bathed before and is reasonably comfortable with it, go for some floating toys to make them comfortable.

The water should be warm and never too deep for the cat to feel frightened. Cat shampoo is best. Don’t shampoo their faces — use a washcloth after the bath. Quickly lather the body and rinse. Don’t scrub! Don’t get in ears, either.

Towel dry thoroughly and then use a hair dryer. Cats need to be dried after bathing unless you have a really warm place for them to sit. It’s best to keep the hair dryer on cool and low. Cool reduces the chances of it being uncomfortably hot. Low lessens potential fright from the noise.

4. Keep the Bathroom Door Shut

Really. Cats are limber and cats are quick. If they don’t like the bath (and even if they do), they can make a beeline for the door so fast your head will spin.

5. Take Your Cat to a Groomer Regularly

Although cats are championship groomers, having them groomed regularly is a great idea. If they are long haired, grooming reduces any chance of tangles. They love grooming activities, so taking them to experienced cat groomers will be a pleasant experience for both you and your cat. Groomers can also trim their claws and perform other care that some owners find difficult or are not confident in.

You may get your cat to like baths. Even if you don’t, bathing is occasionally necessary. Follow the above tips for the best results. Contact us for more information.

3 Reasons To Have Your Dog Professionally Groomed

Pet-groomer-rancho-bernardo-92128One very important aspect of caring for your dog is making sure that they are properly groomed. Grooming a dog is a very in-depth process and involves several steps. Because of this, it is important that it is done properly. A great way to go about getting your dog groomed is to call a mobile groomer to have them come and groom your dog. A groomer has likely gone through some kind of official training and has years of experience grooming dogs of all kinds. There are so many excellent reasons to have your dog professionally groomed by us and here are three of these reasons.

They Get A More Thorough Grooming 

When we come to you to groom your dog, you know that your dog will get a much more thorough grooming experience than they would likely get at home. We will begin by washing your dog from head to tail and then completely rinsing them off. This is a great way to get out unnecessary knots and tangles before we begin cutting your dog’s hair and it also helps to remove any build-up from your dogs eyes and/or ears.

We will then carefully give your dog the haircut that you requested and will make sure that the hair around their paws, ears, and eyes is properly trimmed. At this point, it is time for the finishing touches. This often involves cutting your dogs nails, brushing their teeth, and perhaps adding a cute bow or bandana for a finishing touch.

The Proper Cleaners And Tools Are Used 

When your dog is groomed, it is very important that the appropriate shampoos and other cleaners are used, as well as the proper tools. This helps to keep your dog, and we as groomers, as safe as possible. Thankfully, we have all of the equipment right on hand that is needed to properly groom your dog. This includes a variety of dog shampoos that we use for dogs with different skin types and coats, so you have the comfort of knowing that your dog’s coat or skin will have no negative effects, such as dry skin or hair falling out.

We also have a variety of tools that we use when grooming your dog. We have a table for your dog to stand on with an attached overhead arm that holds your dog’s leash in place. This stops your dog from being able to move too much and allows us to safely and successfully cut your dog’s hair. If your dog is a bit nervous or aggressive when being groomed, we may also use one of the muzzles that we have on hand to avoid being bitten. Other tools include, hair clips, dog brushes and combs, dog nail clippers, dog toothbrushes, etc.

Your House Stays Clean

When we come to groom your dog, all of the grooming is done in our mobile pet trailer. This allows your home to stay a lot cleaner. For one thing, you don’t have to worry about a dirty bathtub from bathing your dog inside of it. Also, you won’t get hair all over your house when you are trying to cut your dog’s hair by yourself.

Your dog will also be much cleaner if you we groom them on a regular basis, thus reducing the amount of dog hair in your home, as well as helping reduce whatever your dog tracks into the house each time they go outside and get dirty.

Choosing to use our mobile grooming services for your dog is an excellent idea because they get a more thorough grooming than they likely would at home, the proper cleaners and tools are used when your dog is being groomed, and you can keep your home a lot cleaner because you don’t have to groom them at home and because your dog is simply much cleaner.

For more information on our mobile pet grooming services, visit us here.

Going After Those Pesky Fleas

As professional groomers, we get lots of calls for flea cleanups. If you’ve seen even one flea on your dog, it’s a sure bet that there are lots more in hiding – on your pet as well as in your home and yard. And if there are adult fleas around, then there are also flea eggs and larvae that need to be cleaned up as well. Only 15 % of most infestations consist of adult fleas, and the remaining percentage consists of eggs and larvae too small to see. That’s a lot of “ick” to take care of!

 You Need to Clean More Than The Dog

 Our mobile grooming salon deals with the big job of cleaning up your pet, which is probably where most of the fleas are congregating (since that’s where their food is). But at the same time, to have the best chances of completely getting rid of the infestation, you’ll need to wash your pet’s bedding and treat your carpets and outdoor areas as well.

 To cleanup the fleas on your pet, we use an all natural yucca-based flea shampoo that is highly effective, and we offer the option of applying Frontline after the bath to help prevent a recurrence. You can clean your pet’s bedding by laundering in hot water & running through the dryer on high heat. Pest removal companies can be hired to treat your house and yard for fleas, or you can do it yourself. If you go the DIY route, be aware that there is an alternative to the traditional chemical pesticide sprays and fumigators, which is to use a natural substance known as diatomaceous earth – but be sure to use the food-grade version, which is safe if ingested.

 How Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Works

Food grade diatomaceous earth is fossilized algae. It comes in powder form, and it works by naturally dehydrating fleas when they come in contact with it, usually within 72 hours’ time. The powder can be sprinkled on carpeting and animal bedding, where it will remain effective for up to 9 months. It can also be spread in outdoor areas and rubbed into the fur of your dog or cat, as well as any other household pets you may have. Food grade diatomaceous earth can also be added to your pet’s food to control internal parasites.  

 At Awesome Doggies Mobile Grooming, we provide a variety of options when it comes to flea control, giving our clients the opportunity to make an informed decision on the best type of treatment for their pets. Similarly, when cleaning your home of fleas, we’d like you to know that there is a natural alternative in the form of diatomaceous earth.




5 Good Reads for Dog Lovers

Finding a great book can be a daunting task, especially if you are looking for a tale that appeals to your inner dog lover. To help give your summer reading program a boost, here’s our “Awesome” list of 5 books specifically geared toward folks like us who love our canine companions.

1. A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

Told through the eyes of a dog, this heart warming story chronicles the many lives of Bailey, who begins a shortly lived life as a stray mutt, but is soon reborn as a tail-swinging golden retriever. A Dog’s Purpose is a clever and hilarious story aimed at the everlasting question: ‘Why are we here?’

2. Emily And Einstein by Linda Francis Lee

Emily and Einstein is the story of Emily Portman, whose gracious life collapses after losing her husband, house, and most of her possessions. Emily soon realizes her beloved marriage was based around lies and deceit, and begins a journey to find out the truth. Emily then meets Einstein, a scruffy scoundrel who helps her confront the past and work towards the truth.

3. Doggone But Not Forgotten by Cynthia Selwyn

This love tale surrounds Carrie Moore, whose grandmother suddenly dies and leaves behind a valuable estate. Carries grandmother also leaves behind an unknown dog who wreaks havoc on the house and causes Carrie to confront the animal control officer on a daily basis, who is also Carries ex-lover.

4. Dogs Don’t Lie by Clea Simon

Dogs Don’t Lie is a mystery tale about Pru Marlowe, the animal psychic, who gets involved with a dog named Lily, whose owner suddenly dies. Pru deals with her new-found friend while dealing with the mysterious circumstances surrounding the owner’s death.

5. Inside Of A Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, And Know by Alexandra Horowitz

This interesting piece of non-fiction comes from the perspective of a cognitive scientist, who lightly conveys what dogs feel on a daily basis, and what they ultimately think of their strange human companions.

So grab a good book, head to the beach, and enjoy summer with your pooch. Happy reading!

Mobile Dog Grooming and Royal Rescues

At Awesome Doggies, we love a great rescue story and as mobile dog groomers, we hear many of them. Truthfully, we’ve never heard one that didn’t absolutely steal our hearts. Today, however, we thought you’d like to hear one of the best.

Alone and Scared

Back in 2015, a beagle was found alone, hungry, and scared in the woods in Kentucky. The good Samaritan that found him looked at his sweet face and wished they could keep him, but could not. So the beagle ended up in a shelter, awaiting adoption.

The days passed and all of the hopeful adopters passed right by the beagle who hid in the back corner of the enclosure. Finally, the sweet, brown-eyed beagle ended up on the euthanasia list.

An Incredible Rescue

Days before the dog was to be put down, Delores Doherty, who runs a Beagle rescue group in Ontario, Canada, called A Dog’s Dream Rescue,  contacted the shelter and contracted to take the dog to Canada and find a suitable home. So the dog made the 500-mile trip, still scared, having an unknown future.

Once in Canada, the dog was placed in a small, out of the way, no-kill, adoption center called Pet Valu, in Ontario. Many people visited the center, including a woman who was temporarily working in a town nearby, filming a TV series, Suits. When she saw the beagle, she fell in love and decided that he was the dog for her. She filled out the required paperwork and Doherty, who was unaware of the client’s celebrity status, mentioned the required home visit. The client was congenial and said that it will be no problem but they’d need to set an appointment for safety reasons. After more paperwork, Doherty realized who her client was, and after a short adoption process, the pup had a new name, Guy, and a new family, Meghan Markle.

A Royal Affair

Guy’s remarkable story doesn’t end there. Shortly after, on November 27, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their plans to marry. That same month, a Kensington Palace rep confirmed that Guy had moved to London.

Yes, the dog rescued from the woods of Kentucky was the subject of an official Palace communication.

Since that time, Guy has gotten chummy with the Queen, who happens to be famously in love with dogs, particularly her beloved corgis. Shortly before the wedding, Guy was spotted hitching a ride with her Majesty to go to diner– as in all fours on the seat, right next to the Queen. The Queen of England. No big deal, but even Meghan has not been spotted alone in a car with the sovereign!  Now, with the pair wed, they are the Duke and Duchess (and dog) of Sussex.

A Most Remarkable Rescue Story

While Guy’s rescue story is certainly among the most remarkable, every dog deserves a fairytale ending. If you are looking for a new member to add to your family, we at Awesome Doggies highly recommend rescuing one from a shelter. In San Diego, we are fortunate to have a number of no-kill shelters. There is, however, the option to find a shelter with pets slated for euthanasia, who are perfectly adoptable but for overcrowding.

Choose a Rescue and Save a Life

In our mobile dog grooming journeys, we have had the incredible pleasure of grooming many dogs that have been rescued from the streets or from shelters. Many came from dangerous and neglectful situations and started their new lives a little afraid, especially of new people and situations such as grooming. With a little time and a little extra understanding, became happy and healthy members of the family. The truth is, it really doesn’t take much to make your rescue feel royal.

Choosing a furry family member from a shelter can give them, and you the happy ending you’ve always wanted. At Awesome Doggies, we specialize in mobile dog grooming services and providing the royal treatment for special needs pets. For more information contact us today!

Lazy Days Of Summer? We’re Down With That!

trooper-elyse-pet-grooming-La-Jolla-92037It’s summer in San Diego and you are busy! Hopefully, it’s a good kind of busy, though. Stuff like Little League, swimming lessons for the little ones, and swim meets. Day trips to the zoo, the beach, or Sea World… if only you didn’t have to add work to the mix…

With all that action, are you wondering how to check a few things off your to-do list? Then, maybe, you can, actually, squeeze in a few, truly, lazy daisy summer days!

Favorite restaurants that deliver pop up on our phone screens on command. And, thanks to the internet, there’s so much more to lighten your load! Nothing beats shopping at your leisure, pool side, in the backyard. Groceries delivered to the parking lot and loaded for you? Better yet… Brought right to your door? Why, yes, please!

And, that’s just the beginning! Whatever the errand, a quick search online is the first step to getting it checked off your list in a hurry. You can get a lead on where you’re going or find a way to have it come to you!

Take, for instance, your pets… Food, treats, toys, flea control, and many medications can all be purchased online and sent straight to your home. If you could just find a pet salon on wheels, you’d be set in all things pet!

Umm… We’re not trying to toot our own horn, here, but…

Have we ever got that covered!

Our mobile grooming stations are, each, a spa on wheels! Take a virtual tour. You’ll see what we mean. Your pet will be enveloped in a calming environment, immediately. Windows encircle the station, flooding it with natural light. The scents of chamomile and lavender, known to be appealing to both, dogs and cats, are, certain, to become scents they associate with a pleasant experience. And, our shampoos not only smell great! They leave your pet feeling softer than ever before.

And, don’t think they don’t know it! Your pet may, actually, strut back in the door, showing off that new coat. Seriously. It happens!

Maybe, it has something to do with the fact that:

Awesome Doggies groomers are skilled professionals. They are kind and compassionate. They love animals and show it! From bathing to hair cuts, all services are performed by hand. Your pet will feel the love vibe flowing instead of hearing the loud, often, nerve jangling buzz of shears and blow dryers.

Want the same groomer each time? Just let us know and you will be matched with a groomer that works regularly in your area. There’s something to be said for nurturing a true bond. We understand that, totally!

We’ve been serving pets and their owners in San Diego for over 15 years. Awesome Doggies has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Check out our About Us page. We think you’ll like what you see. But, if you’re still on the fence, how about $10.00 off your first visit and a free deshedding (a $20.00 value!) package?

We’ll take a little extra time at the first appointment to get to know you and your pet. This allows us to give your pet the ultimate grooming experience.

We know you’re busy year round. It’s the way of the world! We’ll help you free up some of your day with the fringe benefit of making your pet feel (and smell!) wonderful.

Actually, let’s switch that last sentence up…

We’ll make your pet feel wonderful with the fringe benefit of freeing up a huge chunk of your day.

Grooming should never be grueling. Let’s think spa. Ahhhh! A relaxing, experience that we, humans, look forward to with anticipation. Our goal is to create that experience for your pet. Every time. Guaranteed.

We’ll hope to hear from you today!

Mobile Pet Grooming for Rescues

Abby-Justina-dog-grooming-La-Jolla-92037At Awesome Doggies, there is no question that we love working with dogs and cats of all types. There are however some that steal our hearts in a special way—rescues. The relationship between a rescue and their family is something magical to watch and ultimately, it is really hard to say who rescued whom. Rescues come with tons of love, but sometimes they need a little extra understanding when it comes to grooming needs.

Extra Care and Extra Love

San Diego is a pet-friendly city, and many families choose to rescue fur family members from shelters such as the San Diego Humane Society, or other tough situations. Often, these cats and dogs have suffered abuse or neglect so they come with a host of physical and emotional needs. This can make grooming a high priority, but an especially tough job. Here are just a few of the common concerns for grooming a rescue.

  • They may never have been groomed before and find it frightening
  • Past trauma may make dealing with people difficult
  • The new family member may have physical issues to consider, such as cuts, mites, or fleas
  • The cat or dog’s coat may be overgrown and matted
  • Many rescues will need their nails and claws clipped but dislike having their paws touched
  • They may find it difficult to withstand a long grooming process

Mobile Pet Grooming for Rescued Pets

There are some important reasons to consider mobile pet grooming for your new furry family member. First, the groomer comes to you so your dog or cat is able to deal with grooming on their own turf. This lessens their anxiety, which is especially important since they are already dealing with frightening transitions. Next, a rescued pet may come with some additional needs that require special understanding or special skill to manage. For example, their fur may need extra care that would require a longer grooming period, special tools, or training to avoid causing injury to their skin. Finally, they may not be able to withstand being crated for a long period while they wait for their turn to be groomed. Mobile pet groomers have the skill to handle these special needs and can cater their grooming care to meet them most appropriately— all while in sight of their own home.

We Pawsitively Love Working With Rescues

At Awesome Doggies, we understand that rescued pets come with special considerations. That’s why we go the whole nine yards to show your new family member the love they deserve. Our mobile pet groomers are kind and highly trained in handling pets that need extra care. There’s no waiting in crates because we come to you and provide a calm, soothing environment where they get richly pampered with spa-like treatments. (Seriously, our lavender and chamomile scented towels and Berry Facials make some owners jealous!) We take extra care to ensure that the experience is trauma-free with no caging, using gentle products, and hand-blown drying and brushing. During the grooming process of our signature service, the Tender Loving Groom, we bathe and brush your pet, clean their eyes and ears, give them a facial and top it off with a pedicure, making them sparkle from head to paw. And, what is a spa without a few treats (with your permission, of course)? We believe that every rough start deserves a wonderful, tail wagging ending.

As a mobile pet grooming service serving the Greater San Diego area, we are always happy to go the extra mile for you and your fur family. Need more information? Feel free to contact us today and we will provide a swift and courteous response!

Introducing a Cat to an Enjoyable Bathing Experience

Every pet deserves an enjoyable grooming experience and cats are no exception but cat’s are generally known for keeping themselves clean and avoiding getting their paws wet. Sometimes, just like everybody, cats need a trip to the bath too! Some cats absolutely love a nice warm bath and the grooming experience while other cats absolutely go mad in the tub simply because they were not taught as kittens how relaxing the bathing can be.

Knowing how to introduce your furry family members to a bath will not only make bathing a cat or dog a nice experience but also teach the fur baby to hold still and enjoy getting their paws wet. When bathing a cat at home becomes a chore instead of a joy for both you and your beloved furry kitty a mobile grooming service will come to the rescue. Mobile groomers bring a portable pet spa on wheels to your location with all the luxuries to pamper your pets for a convenient professional grooming experience at home.  Lion-Clip-Cat-grooming-La-Jolla-92037

Keep in mind, cats would rather not get wet, cats avoid the rain and walk around mud puddles — unlike dogs who run through puddles and love to swim. Cats who avoid the bath and react with meows, claws raking the air and climbing the tub wall simply want out of the tub and they associate the tub with water which they fear.

Once a cat, or any pet, is afraid of the bath or water in general, they can be quite stubborn about getting a bath. Do not give up hope because with the right reintroduction to the bathing experience any furry kid will eventually come to love being pampered and groomed. Reintroducing a cat to accept and enjoy a bath is simple to do in a step by step manner that also works to teach any pet to enjoy the bathing experience instead of fearing the tub and water. If your cat is already completely against it, don’t expect that one session will completely turn them around. But it’s a start!

Use these 3 steps to teach your cat to love a bath!

1. Introduction to the Bath

Make sure there is plenty of time to introduce the cat to the first bathing experience in a gentle way. Cats do not like being rushed and the best way to remain unscathed yourself is by not getting the cat mad. An upset wet soapy slippery cat is very dangerous to handle with claws and teeth bared. If a cat gets upset during brushing or bathing, remain calm and firmly but gently hold the cat still while you talk to the cat until it calms down then start over.

2. Prepare the Bath

Prepare the bathing area before bringing the cat to the tub or sink. This is key – watery noises can be unsettling for kitty. Use a tub or sink with a hose and spray nozzle that allows water flow adjustment. Adjust the temperature to be lukewarm, like for a human baby. Place towels, cat shampoo and conditioner within reach.

3. Bathing

Hold the cat gently but firmly with one hand on the shoulders, use fingers to massage the cat as you hold so they relax. Use a low spray warm water setting that will not scare the cat. Slowly start spraying water away from the cat, not directly on the cat.

Work the water closer as the cat gets use to the water. Spray over the back of the cat to the neck and down the back avoiding any spray to the face. Spray from neck to tail, down each side. Hold the cat up to get the belly area. Soap up and repeat to rinse.

Towel dry and place your kitty in a warm room to dry.

Awesome Doggies wants all cats to have a great grooming experience, contact us for more helpful tips and to book your pet a great grooming experience!

5 Reasons to Trim Shaggy Dogs for the Summer

Archie-pet-grooming-92037-LaJollaThe summer is the number one time of year to enjoy backyard and park adventures with your dog. The hot sun and the empty hours come together to make the perfect environment for relaxed games of fetch, energetic frisbee chasing, and jumping through sprinklers with the kids. However, summer also comes with a whole new set of grooming concerns. Especially for medium and long-haired dog. In the cooler months you may have enjoyed staying inside together sharing couch blankets and table scraps, but summer is a time for action and adventure which means it’s time to get your dog into their action coat.

Just like children put on shorts and t-shirts to play outside, one of the kindest things you can do for your shaggy dog is to trim their fur short during the most active months of the year. Here are our top five reasons why:

1) Belly Burrs
People and pets aren’t the only living things that get more active during the summer. Plants spring back into action as well and as the hot summer sun dries out the seed pods and burrs in the grass and shrubs, these little plant bits can get caught in shaggy belly fur or tender paw pads (between the toes – yikes!) and come along for a ride. A quick trim of their shaggy chest, belly, and tail can make all the difference between freedom to romp in the grass and a belly covered in burrs.

2) Play Time Tangles
Another problem, particularly for long-haired dogs, is that all that shaggy fur doesn’t exactly keep itself brushed when they’re tugging at rope toys and rolling around in dust piles. As we all know, hair that whips around in the wind, catches on sticks, and rolls on the ground is almost guaranteed to develop tangles and some of those tangles will be remarkably uncomfortable to brush out. Chances are you’ll wind up clipping a few bad tangles anyway so a preemptive trim is a great way to keep your dog’s coat looking even and avoid the agitation of play time tangles.

3) Ear Mats
Speaking of tangles that need to be clipped, many shaggier breeds aren’t just shaggy in places where it’s cute. They may also have paw and ear tufts that get matted, tangled, and uncomfortably heavy or thick to carry around. If your dog is of a breed or mix of breeds that suffer from ear mats or paw clumps, an experienced groomer can include these issues in their monthly trim to keep your dog comfortable without all that excess fur getting in the way.

4) Summer Sunshine
Let’s face it, the only thing in California more notorious than the sun is the movie industry. It gets hot here in the summer and, unfortunately, dogs don’t sweat. That’s why they pant, but panting can only get them so far. Longer haired breeds of dogs are likely to originate from colder places where thick fur is necessary to stay comfortable. While they may have been able to grow shaggy over the winter, too much fur can cause your dog to needlessly overheat. A stylish trim of the undercoat and extra shag is the perfect solution to a hot puppy.

5) Easy Grooming
Finally, summer adventures and play time means that your dog is also likely to need a lot more baths than they did over the winter. Indoor/outdoor dogs, in particular, will need to make that transition often whether you wash them in the tub, call the mobile grooming salon, or just spray off the mud quickly with a hose. Getting your shaggy dog a trim will make it a lot easier to wash them both thoroughly and quickly when the time comes because there will be much less fur to wash, comb, and check for burs.

Dogs and people have shared happy summers together for thousands of years and there’s no need to break that tradition this time. If your dog is just a little too shaggy (or a lot too shaggy) to fully enjoy summertime with you and your family, a quick trim could be the best answer for everyone. For more information or to call the local groomers to your house soon, give us a buzz. We’re ready and waiting to provide all your dog grooming needs where and when you need them!